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Jeff Lyons
Jeff Lyons

Dear Real Estate Agent:

If you’re reading this, you’re either working at a real estate brokerage, in real estate part-time, a newer agent looking to get a headstart on your career, or someone who is looking for a fresh start.

Let me guess your current circumstances: You probably aren’t getting the support that you need to advance your career. You may not even be aware of what your problems are, and you might have trouble staying focused on the right things. Even if you’re an experienced agent, you may be stuck in the hamster wheel of work and are looking to achieve the right work/life balance. Many brokerages don’t offer the leads, training, coaching, accountability, or structure required to succeed in this business.

Did you know that 88% of agents are out of the business within their first five years? The figure jumps to 96% after 10 years. In our MLS, there are over 2,800 agents, but only 1,500 of them have done a deal in the past 90 days. Only 500 agents in our MLS have done two or more deals in the last 30 days.

You might long for a kind of lifestyle that your current job can’t afford you—the freedom to maintain your life outside of work as you please, the money to support your family as well as your personal goals, and the time to make all of it a reality. You’ve thrown time and money at the problem, but it hasn’t gotten you anywhere yet.

If you’re kept awake at night because you can’t guarantee where your next check will come from or are trying to find new business, you probably can't wait for guidance to help alleviate the stress from your shoulders. The paperwork, deadlines, and business production can be overwhelming.

Perhaps you’ve already sought out a solution to these problems. Most do this through avoidance. Working on logos, aimlessly posting on social media, and doing anything other than actually talking to people about real estate. Add in the confusion from certain internet and Facebook groups, and now you’re completely confused as to what to do or who to listen to. If you don’t get that support you need, you’ll be back working a nine to five before you know it.

With all that in mind, here’s the thing: If you don’t do something different with your career, you’ll probably wind up in that 88% of industry beginners—admitting defeat and leaving real estate forever. However, don’t let your frustrations, anxieties, and past misfortunes get you down; there is a solution to your problems.

I’d like to invite you in for a discussion about becoming a member of our brokerage and/or team. My name is Jeff Lyons and I’ve been in your shoes before. I worked a full-time job as the breadwinner for a family of five before making the transition to real estate. It didn’t happen overnight. I worked as a part-time agent for about three years while also working full-time at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond. I was getting burnt out, and I knew I needed to transition to real estate full time. I finally quit in 2016, and I was terrified. But I used that fear as motivation to build a successful career in this business. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but I can help you avoid making the same ones. I want to share my knowledge with you and help you take the next step in your career.

By joining me, you’ll be able to build a strong future for your family. You will have one-on-one access to me for as long as you work with The Lyons Group. I’ll share my expertise with you every step of the way and be there to answer your questions as they come up.

If you take me up on my offer to explore whether our team or brokerage is right for you, I’d be glad to show you that we’re not all talk—we can prove that what we say truly happens. We can help you make the most money possible in your career without having to sacrifice your work-life balance in the process.

Don’t just take my word for it. Consider the stories of Hoy Bryson, Christina Lee, and Brent Stegenga.

Hoy Bryson was a transplant from Texas. He moved to Northwest Indiana in the middle of the pandemic. He only knew one person when he made his move. At his former brokerage, they just repeated “Talk to your sphere\!”, but the problem for Hoy is that he had no sphere. We made a slight alteration to his plan and in eight months he went from one client to having 11 closings in 2021.

Christina Lee and I met in 2017 at our former brokerage. We became fast friends, and I was appointed her “unofficial mentor”, a title I cherish to this day. Christina and I got along so well because we have the same moral compass and approach to sales. She didn’t need my help to get clients or be charismatic, that came naturally to her. She needed someone to hold her accountable and remove her distractions. I won’t take credit for her success. She did the work. I’m proud to know her and call her a friend.

Brent Stegenga’s story is near and dear to my heart because it mimics my own story so closely. Brent had a good job in beverage sales. He loved his career but knew he had higher potential than this career path could handle. He was a part-time agent for a few years, just like me. Also like me, he had a family to support. He desired to make the jump to being a full-time agent, but making that jump is scary. I know from experience.

Under my guidance and Brent’s hard work, he was able to pull the trigger and go full time in October of 2020, arguably the scariest time to jump headfirst into a 100%-commission position. The risk has since paid off. In 2021, Brent closed just under $7 million in sales volume, and 2022 is going to be even better\!

Here’s what I’m offering you: I want to help you build an effective, profitable, and market-proof business based on your personal and professional goals. I want to provide you with that one-on-one attention that you’re not getting right now to help you grow in your career. We’ll provide you with daily accountability, CRM access, signs, business cards, a full transaction coordinator for every deal, and more. All of this with no office fees.

Then again, you could also elect to go a different route. However, I’ll warn you: Other big-box brokerages often foster a dog-eat-dog atmosphere in which you’re technically a part of the brand but still left to succeed (or fail) on your own. Many will spend a lot of their time calling or texting you so they can recruit you, but once you’re there, they don’t provide the resources you need to grow your business. They also won’t hold you to the same accountability and educational standards that we will. Flat-fee brokerages offer a better split but no support. On other teams, the team leader takes a lion’s share of the business. I don’t sell anymore, so I’m not in competition with any of the agents on my team.

After you join The Lyons Group, here’s what the onboarding process looks like: A one-on-one meeting with me, where I will introduce you to our systems and how we do business. We will tailor a plan specific to your wants and needs. You will have a bonafide action step to get you into production on day one. These are the fundamentals that every good agent has.

The choice is yours: Face an uncertain industry full of mirages and false promises on your own or as a small fish in a large brokerage pond, or become an agent on our team, consistently netting a strong income while maintaining a lifestyle fit for you and your family.

I guarantee that if you’re willing to put in the work, I can guarantee a deal within 60 days of joining us. Results won’t be hard to find. If your interest has been piqued, I urge you to act quickly. If you’re a new agent, you should know that space on my team is limited, and I only select agents with extreme commitment and potential. If you’re an experienced agent, I’m happy to offer a free, confidential one-on-one coaching conversation with you to assess your current business and how you might be able to enhance it by joining us.

Let’s get together now so we can make sure you succeed in real estate regardless of what happens next. I hope to hear from you soon\!

Jeff Lyons